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Welcome to Your Physiotherapy Triage

You have been invited to complete a online physiotherapy assessment to determine the best treatment pathway to start your rehabilitation with Innovate Healthcare. Innovate Healthcare’s expert clinical team deliver physiotherapy appointments and rehabilitation programmes to thousands of clients, every week, over the UK. To start your rehabilitation journey with our expert team we require you to complete a online triage assessment.

During the assessment you will be asked to provide details of your symptoms, medical history, previous treatment and for details on to how your symptoms are affecting you. The assessment will take around 10-15 minutes to complete. You will be able to save your progress and complete this at a later time.

These questions are the same questions that you would be asked during a physiotherapy assessment. Following the assessment, you will immediately receive some tailored advice and exercises to so you can start to improve your symptoms straight away. Based on your results, you will also be recommended to undergo one of the following treatment plans to best suit your specific needs:

Prescription of a bespoke online rehabilitation programme by a dedicate member of our expert physiotherapy team. Exercises and support will be delivered via our Rehabilitation App, with ongoing support from your own dedicated physiotherapist. A virtual chat room assessment with a member of our clinical team and guided virtual rehabilitation. A face to face assessment with a member of our physiotherapy team at one of our nationwide clinics.

All triages are reviewed by our expert clinical team within 1 working day of the assessment and in rare cases our physiotherapy team may subsequently recommend an alternate treatment pathway for you. Your physiotherapist will call you to discuss the reasons for this, should this be required. You will be able to download a copy of your triage report following the assessment to keep for your own records.

Did you know?

The vast majority of muscular and joint injuries can be resolved by at home with the exercise prescription and taking simple steps to assist your body to heal and recover. In all forms of physiotherapy, exercise and self management strategies are the key tools clinicians use to assist you in your recovery.

Innovate Healthcare will immediately provide you with an exercise programme and advice to start to improve your symptoms. The earlier you start rehabilitation exercises / programmes the faster and better your recover will be.

Innovate Healthcare’s expert clinical team deliver thousands of physiotherapy programmes and appointments each week.